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Developing a Digital Partnership

Apr 12, 2011 by

At Lyris, YOU are our number one priority and it”s my role as SVP of customer success to make sure our client service teams are providing the best service and support possible. With the new Lyris HQ interface we have done just that; we took your feedback and implemented the necessary changes to enhance your success. But we won”t stop there. Our goal at Lyris is to create a digital partnership with you to improve ROI and work with you to deliver value through impactful email marketing campaigns. Together we can expand our relationship strategically and learn about opportunities on how we can help you become more successful in engaging with your customers. What challenges are your customers facing today?

The new user interface for Lyris HQ was designed to incorporate the features you gave us feedback on that you needed, with the functionality you need, based upon how you work on a daily basis. As marketers, we understand you multi-task and need to work on multiple aspects of a campaign simultaneously. With the new interface you can develop messages, create list segments, edit lists and track web analytics in different work flows all at the same time. The new Lyris HQ reflects how we listen and take action upon what we hear from you. You told us that we had an opportunity to improve the interface, and we listened, worked with you to develop and took action. Are there other areas you would like to see us improve?

In addition to our product updates, we are improving our internal processes focusing on three key areas: listening, being proactive and providing new service offerings. Success is built on listening and our team will work to strengthen customer relationships based on trust. We will be proactive in our actions and provide true responsiveness to you in order to reach our goal of becoming a scalable service and support organization. We are developing better service offerings to impact conversions and maximize your results. Not only do we want to provide you with the best support, we want to educate you on best practices and be a fundamental resource on how to improve marketing campaign effectiveness. What services would you like for us to offer that would have value for you?

Lyris HQ Works Like You. Thinks Like You. And Was Built for You!

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Nello Franco (@nfranco) is Senior VP Of Customer Success at Lyris.

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