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5 Quick Techniques to Increase Email Marketing Revenue this Weekend

Mar 28, 2013 by

We’re about to hit a busy Easter weekend of email marketing, with a flurry of increased frequency and offers. So, how can you stand out above the rest? Here are my five quick tips for increasing revenue through email, without spending a pound/dollar/yen/or whatever your currency may be:

Easter egg

Follow up engagement

It sounds obvious, but if people are engaging and not converting, it’s best not to wait until your next campaign to talk to them again. Engaged prospects that haven’t converted need to be followed up with. Find an existing template that is quick and easy to put together, or create one so you can be reactive. Don’t wait until your next broadcast – use follow-up engagement and you’ll make more money for your business, very quickly.


Most of us just don’t test enough, and particularly when it’s busy. You can split test all sorts of things with absolutely no cost to you other than a little time. Button colour, subject lines, offers, products, and hierarchy/order of content are easy to split test, then broadcast the winner to the rest of your database. And remember, just test one thing at a time and record all of the results.

Initiate an action

Call-to-action buttons must be optimised to get you the highest possible number of clicks. The text should be descriptive rather than generic, and the buttons should appear after every proposition or product. We know that many people are viewing on mobile devices and they don’t have the benefit of a cursor to tell them what is clickable – they need buttons as a visual sign-post to point them in the right direction. Make sure they are at least 38 pixels tall so that mobile recipients can easily get a paw on them. Make the user experience simple for your prospects, and they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Personalise your content

If you have names for a sizeable chunk of your database, make use of them. Don’t just say hi. Everyone does that and you need to stand out above the rest. Add personalisation to subject lines, headlines, offer sections, and even buttons. Don’t do all of these at once obviously, but get creative with personalisation and you’ll reap the reward.

Sitemap your footer

If you’re a retailer with lots of categories and sub-categories, then this is for you. If your openers have scrolled through the email and not seen anything of interest, offer them more generic category options to look at. This can be as simple as a few columns of categories, to give people more options. This has accounted for up to 30% of overall clicks for some of our clients.

What simple techniques do you find effective, that don’t cost lots of money? Let us know in the comments below.

Philip Storey

About the Author: Philip Storey

Philip Storey is Global Head of Strategic Services at Lyris and has been specializing in email for a decade, working with brands to create engaging and response-triggering email for acquisition and retention strategies that drive high return on investment. He is also a trainer, speaker, and writer for several industry blogs such as Econsultancy and the IAB.

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