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An Interesting & Effective Email from Everlane

Sep 10, 2013 by

A friend of mine recently ordered a couple of items from trendy new online retailer Everlane. Everlane’s website positions it as an ethical, highly transparent, online fashion brand. The company prides itself on doing things differently than traditional retailers. I’m happy to say that the same goes for its email marketing!

After I was recommended to check out Everlane I obviously signed up to the email program. I received this nicely designed welcome email, which I think covers all of the bases but is nothing revolutionary:

An Interesting Email from Everlane - Lyris


This is the interesting email which arrived seven days later….

Everlane follow-up

Why is this email so interesting?

1. Customized “from” name and email address

You’ll notice that this email isn’t from Everlane. It’s from Marisa Moby, a Customer Experience rep at Everlane. This gives the email a really personal touch and actually made me open it straight away. I was intrigued to find out why someone at Everlane was contacting me. Perhaps I’d won a year’s supply of Everlane clothing?

2. Plain text

This is an extremely good example of how to use plain text emails effectively. It looks like Marisa has hand-typed this email and sent it to me personally.

3. Great messaging

I love the messaging in this email. Marisa is giving me permission to contact her directly if I have any questions. I can even reply directly to the email because it’s come from

The best part about all of this – Marisa is a real person. I looked her up on LinkedIn and confirmed this: ‘

Everlane LinkedIn

I’ve signed up to a lot of emails in the past and have never been made to feel so special with such a simple email. I think a lot of retailers out there could benefit from similar types of emails. They just need to make sure that they follow through by actually replying to all of the questions they get.





Andrew King

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