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Briana Iwuji
Author: Briana Iwuji

Briana Iwuji is the social media manager at Lyris with a background in public relations and partner management. Briana is a social media enthusiast and is responsible for developing, managing and marketing the social media identity for Lyris. Follow Briana on Twitter @Briana_Iwuji

Why Marketers should be Tumbling for Tumblr

May 23, 2013

As announced earlier this week, Yahoo! purchased micro-blogging site Tumblr for $1 billion. Now that the dust has settled, not only are Tumblr’s devoted users wondering what changes will be made to their beloved site, but marketers are also starting to wonder what’s in it for them. Here are four interesting considerations about Tumblr that

Dear Email, I Love You.

Feb 11, 2013

I came across some comments from Lyris customer in a Valentine’s Day email round-up last week, and I couldn’t help but wonder how other retailers would be spreading Cupid’s love this year. Now my inbox is filled with Valentine’s Day emails, including the following examples from other Lyris clients. I have to admit  they make me feel all

When Digital Marketing Goes Native

Dec 21, 2012

Are you an avid “scroller” or a “super skimmer?” Studies suggest that on average, people will read about 20% of text on the average page . I think I may be a part of that group because I find myself subconsciously scrolling or skimming through articles on a daily basis. One thing that I’ve noticed

Girls are from NARS and Boys are from Jupiter: 3 Takeaways for Marketing to Gen-Z

Nov 21, 2012

Imagine being in high school again. Except instead of scribbling in your spiral notebook during study hall, you are tweeting from your iPad while streaming Hulu. As a marketer it is important to stay current with media and the way in which your audience is consuming your messages. I wanted to get a look into

Social TV and the “Second Screen” Phenomenon

Oct 09, 2012

If you’ve paid an exceptional amount of attention to the lower right hand corner of your TV screen while watching your favorite show, you may have noticed a rising trend in the display of Twitter hashtags. The intent of the hashtags is to create a social buzz around the show that you are watching by giving you