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Deb Papp
Author: Deb Papp

Deb Papp is Marketing Communications Manager at Lyris. She develops content for lead generation programs and resources, company messaging, event and promotional collateral, and the Lyris website.

Expedia CruiseShipCenters Sails (Softly) Through the Rivers of Rising Returns

Feb 01, 2013

Whew! I can relax now and step down from my soapbox. My concern that big data is supplanting the human element in digital marketing has been alleviated, and I have a Lyris customer to thank for it.  Check out this article from MarketingSherpa’s Courtney Eckerle: Email Marketing: Expedia Cruise Ship Centers uses data-triggered human interaction… Read More »

Tracking the “I” of the Big Data Storm

Jan 14, 2013

One of the end games of big data is to help marketers create profiles of their customers in order to engage them more relevantly and profitably. Without a doubt, that’s a welcome outcome for consumers and marketers alike. But it’s the gathering of the data that makes people a little leery, because it sounds so… Read More »

Big Data Redux: Let’s Get Squishy

Dec 06, 2012

I had several of “those” experiences recently: the ones where something you’ve only just become aware of suddenly commands your attention wherever you turn. It’s like the “something” has been there all along but you just haven’t noticed. Take my new fascination with mercury glass. I was looking for holiday decorating ideas and discovered mercury… Read More »

Learn the Future of Marketing Analytics: Free Lyris Webinar

Nov 26, 2012

We are excited to announce a free Lyris Webinar this Wednesday, Nov. 28, at 2:00 pm ET titled Top 3 Ways Big Data Will Transform Digital Marketing in 2013. We invited Gleanster Principal Analyst Ian Michels to share and discuss recent research that provides new insights into the future of marketing analytics. You’ll hear the… Read More »

Serendipity, Segmentation, and the Softer Side of Big Data

Nov 09, 2012

You know Big Data is a big deal when people who write about it use capital letters. And let’s face it, it is a big deal. For digital marketers, big data holds the key to truly understanding who our customers are and what motivates them to act. It’s about capturing and integrating dynamic customer profile… Read More »