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Deb Papp
Author: Deb Papp

Deb Papp is Marketing Communications Manager at Lyris. She develops content for lead generation programs and resources, company messaging, event and promotional collateral, and the Lyris website.

Capturing a Single View of the Customer

Jul 08, 2012

One of marketing’s biggest challenges is having the ability to capture disparate customer data, which is dynamic and ever-changing, then analyze it and make it actionable. The ultimate goal is to leverage that data to create a single view of the customer. Let’s look at some of the types of customer data that is available:… Read More »

Targets, Segments and ROI – Oh My!

May 17, 2012

Targeting your audiences and segmenting your lists are ways of working intelligently with the data you have on hand to find answers to the fundamental questions that will help you optimize your relationship with subscribers and your return on investment: Who are your best customers? What appeals to them? What are their pain points in… Read More »

10 Steps to Deliverability Success

Apr 24, 2012

Managing deliverability can challenge even the most experienced email marketer and certainly cannot be ignored by even the most well-established brand. Government regulations, inconsistent policies among Internet Service Providers (ISPs), emerging technologies and changes in user behaviors all add an extra layer of complexity to the mix. Even so, achieving a positive sender reputation –… Read More »

8 Tips for Combining Social with Email

Mar 30, 2012

With the explosion of available channels for making connections, digital marketers can no longer rely solely on email to achieve the levels of engagement that convert prospects to customers and customers to advocates. Separately, email and social are extremely effective marketing tools. Working together, they have the potential to raise the bar on customer engagement… Read More »

Responsive Design Technology for Creating Mobile-friendly Web Pages

Feb 28, 2012

The Internet isn’t just on computer screens anymore. It’s also on phones, tablets and laptops. So Web page design should take the multi-platform world into account and morph to ideally match the size and shape of the screen it’s viewed on. This is called “responsive design,” and it’s becoming more and more common. Responsive design… Read More »