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Eric Dezendorf
Author: Eric Dezendorf

Eric is a professional services project manager at Lyris. He has worked in digital marketing for the past five years, primarily with major entertainment providers, retailers, institutions, and B2B companies. He joined Lyris in 2013 and helps clients develop and drive their digital marketing projects to completion to increase their ROI.

Tips for Effective Email Automation

May 22, 2015

Of the many headaches suffered by email marketers, one of the ones that occurs most often is trying to answer the questions of how often to contact a member of their subscriber list and what content to provide them. Without a strong contact strategy, it’s hard to continually produce effective, targeted content on a weekly

Responsive Email Design Best Practices for a Better Mobile Experience

Apr 14, 2015

Looking around a crowded subway, a café, a mall, or pretty much any other public space, you will quickly notice one thing: people using mobile devices. They’re everywhere and have become a permanent fixture in our lives and landscape. According to a recent Pew survey, around 88% of Americans who own a smartphone have checked

Best Practices & Tips for Automating Email Marketing Campaigns that Drive Engagement and Conversions

Mar 27, 2015

  Big data is all the rage in the digital marketing space, and for good reason. Any kind of data that can be crunched, analyzed, and shaped can be used in many different ways to convert a list of contacts into active, engaged customers, which is worth its weight in gold to a digital marketer.

5 Personas Publishers Should Create

Mar 10, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, Sylvia M. Sierra, senior vice president of customer acquisition and retention for Access Intelligence, gave a great 30-minute Webinar in conjunction with Lyris CMO Alex Lustberg describing her success in leveraging Lyris to build her digital marketing program.* Throughout the presentation, almost every point she made came back to one

“How Do I Keep People from Leaving my List?”

Feb 20, 2015

List churn has proven to be the top headache for email marketers time and time again. One of the first questions I hear when working with almost any marketer is, “How do I keep people from leaving my list?” Although impossible, unfortunately, to keep 100% of people on your list as loyal subscribers, there are