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John Philpin
Author: John Philpin

John Philpin is Lyris CEO, overseeing the company’s global leadership, business execution, and growth. A British national and U.S. resident, he has a wealth of experience in business transformation, software, and technology. John’s ultimate passion is the customer and considers this focus to be core to success.

Publishing is Dead? Long Live Publishing!

Mar 07, 2015

This article originally appeared on Adotas on February 23, 2015  To misquote Mark Twain, “The reports of the death of music have been greatly exaggerated.” For 20 years – long before the iPod came along – there has been a meme circulating on the Internet that ‘music is dead’. Yet music is not just surviving – it

The Smiling Curve and the Transformation of the Publishing Industry

Jan 26, 2015

Our work with large publishing companies puts me in mind of a fascinating piece by Ben Thompson of Stratechery fame, Publishers and the Smiling Curve. The comparisons he identified between the tech and publishing industries is truly worth exploring. Let me illustrate. As Ben’s blog details, Acer founder and CEO Stan Stih developed what has

[Infographic]: Celebrating 20 Years of Email Marketing Innovation

Sep 26, 2014

Remember 1994? While a lifetime ago for some, it seems like only yesterday for those of us in the marketing industry who have sought solutions for connecting with customers to build valuable relationships and profitable businesses. In 1994, email as a marketing tool was but a proverbial twinkle in the eye of a couple of

Understanding What is Truly Possible

Jan 22, 2014

As long as I have been at Lyris (six months and counting), I have focused on the transformation of our organization in order to become the company we aspire to be. Fundamental to that transformation is our move from an Applications company to a Platform company, which is in no way trivial and an effort