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Big Data Goes to Work for You with Lyris ONE

Sep 11, 2012 by

We’re thrilled to announce today the launch of our new Lyris ONE platform, the first digital marketing solution designed to combine the power of deep data analytics with advanced campaign design capabilities to deliver meaningful engagement and drive revenue.

Customers no longer accept disconnected brand communications across different channels.  They instead expect to be engaged with relevance, and if they are not, they will take their business elsewhere.  It’s up to marketers to capture and analyze rich customer interactive data to inform strategic marketing campaigns that deliver the right message, at the right place, at the right time.

This new focus on the customer requires companies to move away from traditional multi-channel marketing approaches that are constrained by siloed data and channel-specific tools, and begin to seize the opportunities Big Data presents for optimizing customer interactions, irrespective of channel.  We have spent the last two years building a platform that empowers marketers to access data insights that deliver value to the channel of one – the customer.  Lyris ONE does the work for you with revolutionary precision, using a specialized and highly-scalable architecture designed specifically for digital marketers’ use.

To celebrate this new era of digital marketing and the launch of Lyris ONE, we are hosting a special event, de.lyrium, at Dreamforce on September 20th. Come join us for a drink and a chat about innovations in data-driven digital marketing. Or just come for the fun. We hope to see you there!





























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