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Bridging the CMO-CIO Chasm

Dec 11, 2013 by

Ever since Gartner reported that by 2017 an organization’s chief marketing officer (CMO) will likely spend more on IT than the chief information officer (CIO), it seems everyone is talking about the relationship between these two critical enterprise roles. Will the CIO eventually work for the CMO? Where will the relationship be five years from now?

CMO-CIO white paper

While media has not been shy about addressing the topic, it’s become apparent that digital marketers are mostly talking about the challenges associated with this relationship and how the current strains in the C-suite affect their organizations. But where are the conversations around how to solve the problem?

That’s where Lyris can help.

Our latest white paper, Bridging the CMO-CIO Chasm: Blueprint for a Next-Generation Technology Platform, discusses why the time is now for Marketing to align with IT, and how the relationship needs to evolve in order to meet customer expectations for truly contextual multi-channel engagement in today’s data-intensive environment.

Download your copy of the white paper here.

Angie Zener

About the Author: Angie Zener

Angie Zener is Senior Director of Corporate and Product Marketing at Lyris. She is a long-time marketer and an enthusiast of all emerging marketing technologies, in particular those that help marketers better connect with customers. Angie has managed customer communities, led social media teams, built mobile solutions, and launched many new software products. Follow Angie on Twitter: @angiezener

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