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Learn the Latest about Mobile Email Optimization: Free Webinar Reprise

May 31, 2013 by

Lyris is excited to announce a reprise of our free mobile optimization Webinar previously targeted to the Asia Pacific region.  The World Has Gone Mobile – Have Your Emails? has been reworked for the U.S. and our other international audiences and will be presented on Tuesday, June 4, 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT.   According… Read More »

The World Has Gone Mobile – Have Your Emails? Free Lyris Webinar for the Asia Pacific Region

May 16, 2013 by

We are excited to announce a free Lyris Webinar tailored especially for audiences in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.* The World Has Gone Mobile – Have Your Emails? Tuesday, 21 May, at 9:00am AEST The way people read your emails is changing. According to Litmus, mobile email opens have increased 123% over the last 18 months,… Read More »

Baby Got Email

May 10, 2013 by

My family is expecting our second baby any day now and it seems every thought I have circles back to our impending arrival. Perusing through my inbox got me to thinking how designing for an email audience is a lot like designing for babies. Sounds daffy, but follow me out. Here are some general rules… Read More »

Competing for Attention: Mastering the Art of Unique Subject Lines

May 02, 2013 by

What’s in a subject line? Quite a lot actually: It’s just as important, if not even more important, than an email’s “from” address. It’s a marketer’s first opportunity to engage recipients with brand messaging, assuming that they’ve actively opted in, of course. It’s the face of an email that leads the way to opens, clicks,… Read More »

5 Quick Techniques to Increase Email Marketing Revenue this Weekend

Mar 28, 2013 by

We’re about to hit a busy Easter weekend of email marketing, with a flurry of increased frequency and offers. So, how can you stand out above the rest? Here are my five quick tips for increasing revenue through email, without spending a pound/dollar/yen/or whatever your currency may be: Follow up engagement It sounds obvious, but… Read More »