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Not your Average Responsive Email Design

Dec 05, 2013 by

Responsive email design is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, I’m seeing new responsive emails in my inbox every day! That doesn’t mean that email marketers will stop innovating and figuring out new ways to make their emails even more user friendly, though. A good example of one company that is exploring new techniques with its… Read More »

7 Ways Baseball Can Help Us Email This Holiday Season

Oct 30, 2013 by

With the end of the World Series upon us, it’s officially time to say goodbye to summer and hello to the holidays. Though we’re forced to say so long to the boys of summer, we are able to take some lessons they’ve provided over the course of the season and apply them directly to our… Read More »

Free Webinar: 10 Innovative Email Tactics – That you Probably aren’t Doing

Oct 24, 2013 by

Your emails look great, your content is informative, you’ve optimized for every type of mobile device you can think of, and your response rates are respectable. Yet somehow, it feels like you’re just covering the basics. The most successful marketers know that the basics are just the starting point, and that what really matters is… Read More »

Anatomy of the Perfect Email Design – Free Lyris Webinar

Aug 20, 2013 by

We deliberate over subject lines, analyze the analytics, and tear apart segmentation. But how important is email design in relation to open rates, click-throughs, and conversions?  It has a huge influence.  Anatomy of the Perfect Email DesignThursday, August 22, 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT Email design can completely miss the mark and actually deter rather… Read More »

Product Usability: A Day in the Life of a Rapid Designer

Jul 29, 2013 by

Usability design is around us in our everyday life. We see good and bad examples all of the time. I am dumbfounded about why my microwave has so many options that make it virtually unusable, or why my wife’s car has such an intrusive interface that it creates an atmosphere of distracted driving on its… Read More »