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The Not-So-New Field of Infographic Design and a Great Guide by Brafton

Oct 12, 2012 by

The word “infographic” brings up 593 million results in a Google image search. Not bad considering the word doesn’t exist according to Marketing organizations are increasingly latching on to the use of informational graphics to augment their content marketing strategy.  Search results for the word “infographic” produce 593 million hits Even though emphasis on… Read More »

Increasing Brand Engagement with Shareable Content

Sep 14, 2012 by

Shareable content refers to anything that is easily shared through email, social, and any other platform; it can include a video, photo, blog post, news, anything that is valuable content. It establishes authority as well as builds the social capital of your website and brand through comments, likes, shares, and links – it’s one of… Read More »

Email Design Inspiration: Nikon In-Frame Newsletter

Sep 07, 2012 by

If you’re into photography and a Nikon user then you might be familiar with the monthly In-Frame newsletter. I think this newsletter follows a lot of best practices and strikes a good balance between value-added and sales content. Subject: In-Frame: Your monthly NIKON tips, competitions and news View full email here > What we like… Read More »

Are your Emails Overweight?

Aug 06, 2012 by

It’s been known for a while that emails over 102KB will get clipped in Gmail. That is one reason to keep your email file sizes down, but what if I told you that you could get a higher open rate by simply reducing the weight of your emails? Isn’t that a much more compelling reason… Read More »

Animation in Email is Alive

Jul 30, 2012 by

  Who said emails have to be static? I have always been surprised that email marketers agree to serve animated banners from third-party advertisers but still don’t think about using animation to improve click-through rates in their own email campaigns. Look at these emails from two of our customers (click on the images to see… Read More »