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Tracking Your Social Media Success

Mar 30, 2012 by

Achieving measurable results is the goal of every marketing campaign. After all, you can’t justify spending if you can’t quantify return on investment (ROI). Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, customized to your own company’s goals can be a great step towards evaluating the value of your social media programs. “Customized” is the key, though –… Read More »

Email + Mobile + Tablets: Mastering the Device Revolution Questions

Feb 28, 2012 by

Many great topics came up during the question and answer session after our last Webinar. Read on to find out what was on attendees’ minds and how Brennan and Chris answered their questions. Q. What would you recommend in terms of getting started with a mobile marketing program? A. Although mobile marketing is very technology… Read More »

Lyris HQ Connecting with Customers Using Email + Facebook + Twitter

Oct 03, 2011 by

Lyris is exhibiting at the DMA this week, Booth #1630. Cross-Channel Marketing Challenge As marketers, we are aware of the gaining momentum and importance of social media in our cross-channel communications. Today we are seeing both consumer-based and business-to-business companies integrating social media into their marketing. Here are some quick facts: While they are an… Read More »

Anti-Social? After the UK Riots

Aug 12, 2011 by

  Note: We are having a discussion about this topic in the Lyris Digital Marketing Café, please join us and share your thoughts. It’s been an unsettling week in Britain. Thousands of youths have gone on a sophisticatedly orchestrated rampage through the streets – or more precisely the shopping precincts – of London and several… Read More »

On Buzzwords and Blindfolds

Mar 02, 2011 by

We have been thinking quite a bit about campaigns and positioning in 2011. Before unveiling our No More Blindfolded Marketing campaign this month, we wanted to get input from marketing professionals about what campaign would resonate the most. Today, we want to share our approach with you as well as what we learned. We started… Read More »