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Lessons for Agencies, Learned in Email

Aug 21, 2014 by

Digital agencies serving today’s marketers need to address two new realties in order to create competitive advantage for their clients. First, consumers today are now always addressable, through multiple devices and locations, and frequent online access. Second, marketers are increasingly being tasked with driving revenue growth and demonstrating return on marketing investment.

email marketingAt Lyris, we believe next-generation agencies – those that help clients differentiate, drive demand generation, and deliver revenue and ROI – must act on the opportunity to focus on digital messaging, especially email, as the foundational channel for managing valued-based, connected customer communications and building revenue.

Sure, as an email service provider, our point-of-view could be considered to be somewhat skewed. But as a leader in email marketing for almost 20 years, working with thousands of marketers, here’s what we know:

While email marketing has been around significantly longer than other forms of digital marketing, it remains the top performing channel in terms of ROI, and it also serves as the “glue” that ties together the customer relationship that is often fragmented across the myriads of inbound and outbound interactions.

The lessons learned in digital marketing were learned in email:

  • Email is consumers’ most preferred interaction channel according to a 2013 study from the Economist Intelligence Unit, which also indicates email is the most neglected channel – 68% of surveyed marketers did not rank email best practices as a top desired skill.
  • Email is the channel that is the highest driver of ROI for marketers, as confirmed in Econsultancy’s 2014 Email Marketing Census, which shows that marketers feel that email is now the single most effective channel for ROI, an increase in popularity by 3% over last year.
  • Email enables integration of program, design, and optimization strategies across campaigns, as well as analytics and reporting on ROI.

Agencies today must expand beyond traditional client offerings – Web design, ad creative, media/public relations, social strategies, SEO/SEM – to deliver interactive demand generation programs that engage audiences with relevant, timely messaging and create value for agency clients and their customers.


There are three components of delivering differentiated digital messaging services and a valued agency practice, which I’ll discuss in subsequent blogs. Or, learn more now by downloading our complimentary guide, Digital Disruption and the New Agency Challenge.

Where does your agency stand? Do you consider email to be a foundation of your marketing strategy? Let us know in the Comments section below.

Deb Papp

About the Author: Deb Papp

Deb Papp is Marketing Communications Manager at Lyris. She develops content for lead generation programs and resources, company messaging, event and promotional collateral, and the Lyris website.

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