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Email Design that Hits the Sweet Spot

Aug 03, 2012 by

Here’s a selection of some of the best examples of the sweeter side of email marketing, from three Lyris customers.

Dylan’s Candy Bar:
This re-engagement email campaign engages the viewer instantly (once the images are downloaded) with bright colors and an eye-catching, sweet tooth-tempting lollipop. The hook line and sinker of this email is, “We’ve missed you! Here’s 20% off your next order of deliciousness.” The email then offers a few options to choose from. I can’t help but think how cool it would be if Dylan’s gave you a few options based on YOUR favorites (gathered through previous purchase history) instead of a generic selection to everyone.

Dylan's Candy Bar - Email Template

Crumbs Bake Shop:
Very little text gets straight to the heart of the cupcake (this one stuffed with red, white, and blue sugary goodness). The large eye-catching graphics draw you in and lead you directly to a link to Crumbs’ online store. I would almost say that the graphical embellishments are maybe a tad too large. The red and white awning, for example, could be a little less deep to bring the message further up, but over-the-top graphics work well in this context. In addition, this email looks great on a smartphone and makes me think iPhone users are a major portion of the target audience.

Which leads me to…. Know your audience. Emails consisting of gigantic images with no html text went straight into the trashcans of PC’s past. But this is perfectly appropriate for today’s smartphone audience.

Crumbs Bake Shop - Email Template

Honolulu Cookie Company:
This sweets company takes branding in a different direction from the examples above. More muted colors give a more sophisticated stage and really complement the chocolate tones. The elegant typography and soft, shortened field-of-depth photography are not as bold as the examples above but are equally sweet and engaging. The layout of the main body is so beautiful it makes the footer at the bottom a tad cluttered. But overall this one should hit the sweet spot with customers.

Honolulu Cookie Company - Email Template

What do you think – which is your favorite, and why?







Dean Silvestri

About the Author: Dean Silvestri

Dean Silvestri is Art Director at Lyris. He is the design lead for all marketing materials development, including HTML emails, landing pages, banner ads, presentations, websites and demo videos.

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