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Lyris Customer Success: How Can you Argue against Pop-ups with Results Like These?

May 13, 2014 by

As a Lyris marketer, I have occasion to spend time on a lot of websites – our own, our customers’, our competitors’, and of course, those of the companies I do business with. What I’m noticing lately, and hearing from our own strategic consultants, is that the use of email subscription pop-ups is gaining traction, seemingly on its way to becoming a digital marketing best practice.  

Companies are inserting pop-ups as another way to capture Web browsing information and acquire new email subscribers. A company called Bounce Exchange, whose website promotes technology that can detect intent to abandon a Web page through mouse gestures, says that 70% to 96% of visitors abandoning a website will never return. So the benefits of capturing email addresses from as many of them as possible, in order to drive them back to the website through an email program, are obvious. Even to me.

Personally, pop-ups annoy me, triggering a knee-jerk reaction to instantly close them out with as much flourish as a mouse-click on an X-icon can achieve. I feel the same way about display ads that come out of nowhere and obscure what I’m trying to look at. One of our customers, U.K. adventure company Go Ape, needed a little convincing, too – but can’t argue with the results.

Working with our Professional Services team, Go Ape was able to increase subscriptions to its email newsletter by 159% in only two months through the use of a pop-up form – adding more than two times the number of subscribers it had collected through its website in the previous two years!


Subscription pop-up


Read all the details in, Go Ape Takes Engagement to New Heights with Subscription Pop-ups and Behavioral Retargeting.

By the way, the part about behavioral retargeting is pretty eye-opening, too – that is, if you’re impressed by a 96% increase in revenue. Relevant, data-informed, follow-up emails after I visit a website? That’s engagement I can go ape over!

Deb Papp

About the Author: Deb Papp

Deb Papp is Marketing Communications Manager at Lyris. She develops content for lead generation programs and resources, company messaging, event and promotional collateral, and the Lyris website.

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