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New Lyris Email Marketing Solutions for Retargeting and Retention

Oct 04, 2013 by

Earlier this week, we introduced two new solutions designed to help online retailers increase customer loyalty and conversion through data-driven digital campaigns. The solutions are immediately available for users of Lyris applications, and are proven and delivered in partnership with Triggered Messaging and Windsor Circle.

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Lyris Real-Time Retargeting integrates detailed Web browsing and shopping cart abandonment data to help identify key trends, surface new segments for more targeted campaigns and promotions, and automate remarketing efforts.

Lyris Retention Automaton leverages transaction data from Windsor Circle, obtained through its integrations with leading ecommerce platforms, to help retailers make sense of the data and deploy effective, segmented, automated, and personalized retention marketing campaigns.

Our partnerships with Triggered Messaging and Windsor Circle demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers harness Web browser and ecommerce data insights and act on them to deliver campaigns that increase revenue conversions. We’re extremely excited about the capabilities of these new solutions, and encourage you to learn more about them by clicking the links above and checking out the announcement here

Deb Papp

About the Author: Deb Papp

Deb Papp is Marketing Communications Manager at Lyris. She develops content for lead generation programs and resources, company messaging, event and promotional collateral, and the Lyris website.

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