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How to Use Follow Up Emails in Email Marketing

Nov 08, 2009 by

Recently Andrew Robinson wrote about how to use follow up email to increase your ROI. As he discussed, implementing follow up email messages into your email marketing campaigns can achieve excellent results with minimal time and effort. Follow up emails can increase open rates and clickthrough rates, web sessions and sales. In this post I… Read More »

Email Marketing & CRM Integration: Is it right for you?

Nov 03, 2009 by

Many organizations use a customer relationship management system for the purpose of tracking individual customer activities, including the frequency with which their sales representatives contact them. If you’re one of these organizations, have you ever considered integrating your CRM directly with your email marketing platform? The benefits of a successful CRM integration can be huge.… Read More »

Trade Show Swag: What does it say about you?

Aug 26, 2009 by

Often referred to as swag, tchotchkes, or give-aways, they’re the trinkets commonly found in booths at trade shows. We all know them and love them, often secretly roaming the trade show floor scoping out which booth has the “best in show” swag item. Whether a pen, stress ball, sticky note pad, or toy these items… Read More »

Cleaning Spam Traps from your Email Lists

Apr 17, 2009 by

Lately, it’s been seen that spam traps are making their way into your email lists. How does this happen? It’s difficult to know for sure, but one thing we do know – you can do something about it. This is an important and serious matter which should not be taken lightly. Sending to a spam… Read More »

The Price is Right

Mar 04, 2009 by

As our economy dives deeper into recession, many companies are responding with changes in their pricing strategies. With funding drying up, startups such as SlideRocket and Get Satisfaction have introduced premium packages to deliver value and drive desperately needed revenue. Many startups understand that without a viable revenue – let alone profit – stream, the… Read More »