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Survey Reveals Email Marketing Insights for the Retail Industry

Jul 08, 2013 by

For the retail industry in particular, colossal revenue opportunities are at stake when it comes to integrated digital marketing practices. This is the one industry where revenue can be directly tied back to digital marketing campaigns and virtually the entire consumer buying cycle can happen online.

Factors contributing to an increasingly difficult digital landscape for retail marketers to navigate, and to find and convert customers, include the shift from store to online sales, the competition between manufacturers and retailers for online sales, and the fickle behavior of comparison-shopping digital consumers. For these reasons, having a deep understanding of consumer online behaviors and preferences across digital marketing channels, and examining your digital marketing programs and the capabilities of your email marketing software against these expectations will produce positive business results.

Lyris recently sponsored a survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to examine trends in digital marketing and identify any gaps in understanding between consumers and marketing executives in various industries. Some key findings and opportunities for retail marketers include the following:

Key Opportunity #1: Stratify Channel Content and Segmentation Strategy Based on Buying Stage

The EIU study clearly outlines a pattern for what information consumers require from which channel at what stage of their buying journey. Product information, pricing, and promotions are expected on company websites – indicating that this channel is most effective for driving initial product awareness and supports consumers in the initial stages of their buying journey. On the other hand, email is designated as consumers’ most preferred channel for post-purchase brand exchanges.

Key Opportunity #2: Win Consumer Attention with Personalization that Makes an Impact

Consistently reported across all industries is the high level of consumer frustration over superficial personalization in email. In retail, this is a tremendous risk, as consumers who are able to toggle between brands quickly and easily can decide in an instant to buy from someone else.

Key Opportunity #3: Collect Data for Actionable Insight

According to the survey, consumers have a heighten sensitivity around data collection and privacy. So why do they continue to provide brands with data? It’s because they expect a value exchange with the brand – but data collection efforts should be focused and transparent.

To be equipped to compete and increase conversions across all customer touch points, retailers need digital solutions that cover all the bases – whether you are increasing your email list marketing to prospects, re-engaging online browsers, retargeting shoppers who have abandoned carts, managing order confirmations, or providing personalized product recommendations and promotions that keep customers coming back into your stores. Lyris solutions can support it all, enhanced by the best email marketing software and customer-centric services and support in the industry. To learn more, visit

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