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There’s a Digital Marketing Gap…Now What? Part 9: “Channel” Digital Engagement

Oct 01, 2013 by

It’s no secret that relevant and useful content is the foundation of a successful digital marketing campaign. But are your digital channels packed with the information consumers actually want?

EIU ReportsFindings from our study with The Economist Intelligence Unit indicate that consumers seek the following information through a brand’s website and other company-generated media like email and social:

  •  Pricing and promotions
  •  Product or service features
  •  Product reliability and warranty details
  •  New product referrals

For the most part, marketers’ perceptions line up with these consumer preferences. Marketing executives correctly assume that consumers are most interested in finding pricing and promotions, and product feature and reliability information through company channels. However, there are discrepancies elsewhere.   

According to the survey, marketing executives place too much emphasis on sharing product reputation information and peer and expert reviews through company channels, when consumers prefer to find that type of information through third-party websites. As listed above, new product referrals rounds out the top four types of information consumers seek through a brand’s online channels.  

The best way to engage your customers is to deliver what they want. So while the mode of communication consumers prefer varies from industry to industry, make sure your content is appropriate for each channel.

For new product referrals, for instance, take a page from Amazon’s book and use data mined from abandoned carts and past transactions to provide customized recommendations for new products. At the same time, make sure your website includes enough content to educate on product usage. And since consumers reference third-party sites primarily for validation, be sure to enhance those channels through content dissemination and other influencer programs.

Ultimately, you want your customers to have access to all the types of information they seek, and anything you can do to make sure that information is tailored to them, the stronger your engagement will be.

Learn more about how to close the digital marketing gap. Download the EIU Executive Summary

Angie Zener

About the Author: Angie Zener

Angie Zener is Senior Director of Corporate and Product Marketing at Lyris. She is a long-time marketer and an enthusiast of all emerging marketing technologies, in particular those that help marketers better connect with customers. Angie has managed customer communities, led social media teams, built mobile solutions, and launched many new software products. Follow Angie on Twitter: @angiezener

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