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Want to Increase Sales by 50%? Yes, Please!!

Aug 21, 2012 by

Hello MusicThis week we announced that Hello Music, a leading social commerce destination for musicians, has increased daily sales up to a 50 percent using Lyris’ powerful real-time analytics.

We understand how important it is for marketers to receive up-to-the-minute information that empowers them to better personalize campaigns and create a stronger relationship with their customers. Hello Music has capitalized on this opportunity and generated measurable business results.

As I mentioned in a previous post, email is a great candidate for understanding and acting upon the treasure trove of big data given its maturity and data rich quality. It is also tunable, testable, and can be optimized to deliver value at every stage of the buying process by using the right data processing and algorithmic methods.

Vice president of marketing at Hello Music, Lucas Bean, has this to say about Lyris:

We have tried other solutions for digital marketing but they didn’t come close to meeting the reliability standards and insight into data that we needed. Lyris on the other hand is a true enterprise product with superior customer service and analytics that has allowed us to increase sales by up to 50 percent for individual deals. Also, we can better target and personalize our customer emails by taking advantage of real-time insight into customer tastes and preferences.

Thanks to Hello Music for sharing its Lyris story! Stay tuned for future customer stories that will show how Lyris is leading innovation in digital marketing.

Alex Lustberg

About the Author: Alex Lustberg

Alex is Chief Marketing Officer at Lyris, with responsibility for all marketing activities including marketing communications and demand generation. Alex brings more than 15 years of product marketing, strategy development, client services, and delivery experience at both established and early-stage technology companies, and holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Organizational Studies from Stanford University.

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