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When Digital Marketing Goes Native

Dec 21, 2012 by

Are you an avid “scroller” or a “super skimmer?” Studies suggest that on average, people will read about 20% of text on the average page .

I think I may be a part of that group because I find myself subconsciously scrolling or skimming through articles on a daily basis. One thing that I’ve noticed while scrolling though Web content lately is a trend that has been coined native ads.

While these ads are less intrusive than traditional ads they often stop me in my “scrolling tracks,” enticing me to click on them to learn more.

This Tech Crunch article describes native ads like this:

Ads that are native to a site don’t live in the corners and don’t interrupt the user; they exist in the stream of content, and when done well, they bring new value to the user experience of the site in the form of brand content — promoted videos, sponsored stories, relevant coupons, promoted posts.

Here are a few examples of native ads:

Promoted Discovery

Promoted Tweets on Twitter

Sponsored Stories on Facebook:

Native ads are certainly going to be a trend in 2013 as many marketers become more aware of how online behavior is shifting and how many time-strapped viewers gather information by skimming a Web page. Native ads are another tool in the digital marketers’ arsenal for marketing  “in the moment” with relevant and contextual communications that provide customer experiences that are not only defined by the message itself, but also by the context in which it is presented.

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While traditional native ads like classifieds and TV Guide ads are still alive and well, it will be interesting to see what 2013 has in store for native ads in the digital space. Do you think the simple text design of native ads could be effective in capturing your audiences’ attention? 

Briana Iwuji

About the Author: Briana Iwuji

Briana Iwuji is the social media manager at Lyris with a background in public relations and partner management. Briana is a social media enthusiast and is responsible for developing, managing and marketing the social media identity for Lyris. Follow Briana on Twitter @Briana_Iwuji


I am one who reads 20% of text, a true skimmer, and will check on most of the pictures!

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amazing article really

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